About us


Expat Orbit is a team of experienced professionals, who seek to leverage their combined experience of two decades, working for expatriates, with expatriates and as expatriate to offer an all-encompassing solution, which caters to the whole gamut of an expatriate’s foreign assignment.

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One partner for all services

We eliminate the need to maintain documentations for multiple vendor associations and still
feel something amiss. We cater to all essentials of expat’s Indian assignment and make it a
cherished experience for them

Digital platform for expat and mobility professionals

Highly customized and multi featured mobile application for our associate expats, to orbit
them as their personal satellite throughout the length of their Indian assignment; as well as a
technologically adept platform to keep the mobility professionals up to date on expat

Highly cost efficient

Exceptional quality in a cost optimized manner is one of our prime endeavors. Our integrated
model of all services on one platter makes it possible to save your time and money cost and
helps us deliver high quality at increased efficiency

Creating an experience for expats

Extending our support beyond the essentials, we work towards making the Indian assignment
a memorable phase for expats and their accompanying families