Marching towards our vision of charting out that one path, which will ensure complete comfort for expats and mobility professionals, Expat Orbit offers a personalized, all integrated and comprehensive mobile application for our corporate client’s expatriate employees:

Exclusive, invite based access, secured by OTP

  • Highly customized and multi-featured personal satellite for expat
  • Tracking compliances made easy for expat
  • India’s cultural diversity explained on a single platform
  • Packaged with essential safety and other features to make daily living in India smoother

Based on our team’s in-depth knowledge and expertise acquired over a decade of dedicated experience in delivering Income Tax, immigration and social security advise to expatriates and their employers; we cater to every minute aspect related to end to end compliance of expat’s Indian assignment.

A holistic secondment planning is important. Our team supports in review and finalization of secondment  policies, employment contracts and inter-company agreements, in a longer run this helps in optimizing overall tax cost and mitigates exposure at corporate level
  • Visa Application

    Application of appropriate visa for expat and accompanying family members

  • Visa Renewal/ Extension

    Periodic review for renewal of Visa upon expiry or obtaining extensions for expat and family, on a case to case basis

  • Visa Endorsement

    Applying for visa endorsement to support expat transfers / movement with group / JVs in India 

  • Registration with Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

    Assistance to expat and accompanying family members in registration with Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) upon arrival

Assistance to Employer
  • Hypothetical Tax and Tax Equalization

    Supporting employers in periodic calculation and assessment of Hypothetical Tax and Tax Equalization calculations

  • Tax Computation

    Monthly computation of taxes to be withheld and deposited on Expat’s salary

  • Quarterly TDS returns

    Preparation and filing of quarterly withholding tax returns for company

  • Annual Withholding Tax Certificates

    Preparation of annual withholding tax certificates in Form 16 and Form 12BA

  • Annual Tax Diagnostic Report

    Summary of expat’s profile, tax residency, key tax positions and declarations

  • Tax Assessments

    Assistance in supporting and representing during assessments (if any) initiated by the tax authorities

Assistance to Employee
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)

    Assistance in application of PAN with the India Income Tax Authorities, upon arrival to India

  • India Tax Residency Status

    Analysis and determination on a real time basis, through Expat Orbit’s digital platform

  • Annual India Income Tax Return

    Preparation and filing of annual India income tax return

  • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)

    Application of FTC (if required), by submission of Form 67 with Indian tax authorities

  • India Income Tax Clearance Certificate

    Preparation and application of No Objection Certificate (NOC)

  • Registration with Indian Social Security Authority
  • Application for social security exemption for eligible expatriates / international workers
  • Computation of monthly social security contributions by employer and expat
  • Submission of monthly social security contributions and statements
  • Withdrawal of PF contributions (wherever eligible) post completion of expat’s Indian assignment

We find the perfect accommodation for expats and their families, to ensure that they have a comfortable home away from home, during their Indian stay

Upon arrival to India, we arrange comfortable hotels/ service apartments for expats and their families, until the time a permanent accommodation is arranged.

We arrange a comfortable permanent accommodation for expat and family, after duly gathering expat’s preferences and matching it with the most appropriate accommodations available in our extensive database:

  • Personally visited and verified accommodations

    Our database comprises only of those accommodations, which have been personally visited and verified by Expat Orbit team, to meet our pre-defined criteria, which include:

    Prime location – posh locality and proximity to all amenities like hospitals, schools, departmental stores, etc.

    Secure environment

    Well maintained properties with proper documentations

  • All sorts of accommodations available

    Based on expat’s preferences and company’s policies, we find the best possible match – Villas/ apartments/ bungalows, etc.

  • Furnished/ Un-furnished accommodation

    Depending upon expat’s preferences, we arrange furnished or un-furnished accommodations

If expats opt for an unfurnished accommodation and prefer to furnish it as per own preference, Expat Orbit team assists in choosing appropriate furniture/ furnishings:

  • Option to select new/ used furniture
  • Shortlisted/ Audited by Expat Orbit team, but finalized by expat
  • Essential criteria for shortlisting – supreme quality, durability and aesthetic designs

Expat Orbit assists in ensuring a safe, hassle free and comfortable commute for expats, while on Indian assignment. Quality fleet, meeting the below criteria:

  • High end sedan/ luxury cars of top brands
  • Well maintained and regularly serviced cars
  • Professionally trained chauffeurs
  • GPS enabled tracking for safety

Customized packages, as per assignment duration and structure

  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Dedicated/ shared car for office pick up and drop
  • Dedicated car throughout the assignment
  • Short term Rentals for Inter/ Intra-city travel

Flexibility to change the car/ chauffeur as and when requested
Assured availability of cars and chauffeurs at all times

We understand that Indian assignment is not just about the hours spent in office, but extends far beyond into a new country. We provide a consortium of services to help expat and their accompanying family members in not just settling down comfortably in India, but also have a memorable stay.

Relocating to a new place and more importantly to a new country, brings with itself an altogether new environment, with its own set of apprehensions and notions.

Expat Orbit team conducts periodic cultural immersion trainings for expats and their families,to help them get better acquainted with the different tenets of Indian culture and help themestablish a harmonious amalgamation with the Indian way of living.

These trainings are conducted by professional trainers, experienced either as expats residing in India, or adept in understanding expat sensibilities.

These will cover various topics such as:

  • Geographic, economic landscape of India
  • Cultural/ linguistic/ culinary diversity in India
  • Bursting myths about India
  • Professional/ social environments of Indian workplaces/ society
  • Tips to navigate through day to day life in India

We understand how difficult it is to communicate, without knowing the language which is mutually understood.

With a view to assist expats and their families, in comfortably communicating with locals in their host city, Expat Orbit arranges workshops, conducted by professionally certified trainers to familiarize expats and their families with the basics of local language (Hindi/ English/ any regional language depending upon the host city within India).

We do realize that an important consideration, while deciding to take up the Indian assignment or to continue with it, is the comfort of expat’s family and more importantly the kids. In order to assist the expat in ensuring quality education for their children while in India, we support by shortlisting the best schools for expat’s children, based on a perfect match between the family requirements and school’s credentials.

Our basic criteria for shortlisting the schools are:

  • Proximity to expat’s home
  • Certified School, preferred by expats in general, for their children
  • Equipped with all safe and hygienic facilities, conducive to expat’s kids

The Indian assignment is not supposed to be just about work. We intend to assist the expats, as well as their families, to explore the Indian way of living and make the best of their stay, by extending our support beyond the realm of professional work assignment. We host/ arrange special workshops to engage expat and their families in various facets of India, which might interest them, such as – workshops on Indian cuisine, dance forms, music, handicrafts, traditional arts, meditation, etc.

Expat Orbit will organize events from time to time, exclusively for expats and their families, to give them a first-hand glimpse into the Indian culture, as well as to ensure they have a memorable time during their Indian stay. These events will include:

  • Cultural events such as celebrations of Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, etc.
  • Expat community events such as dinner for expats, or celebrations of their home country festivals, or expat marathons or dedicated yoga sessions, etc.
  • Volunteer activities, in association with NGOs and community service organizations for cause-oriented events/ workshops, like education or plantation drive in nearby village
  • Specially created articles, videos and tips to give regular glimpses into Indian culture

The Indian experience will remain incomplete, unless this land of vast cultural, geographical and culinary diversity is explored for its ancient heritage, natural beauty and bustling vibrancy. Expat Orbit team passionately works towards designing customized tours, with the sole intention of giving a holistic experience of Indian tourism to expats and their families.

  • Handcrafted tours designed to explore the popular as well as the lesser known, but immensely beautiful destinations in India
  • Well researched itineraries to ensure blend of comfortable stay and authenticity of Indian experience
  • Special emphasis to ensure a safe and hygienic trip for expat and family