Employer Of Record

The Better Alternative To Setting Up A Liaison Office In India

Because there is no point in dealing with legal and compliance hassles when you are only testing the Indian market 

Hire remote employees in India without an entity

Zero compliance and legal hassle

Test before establishing full fledged operations

Expat Orbit's EOR Solution

The Smarter Way To Expand Into India

Hassle Free Setting Up

An EOR is not supposed to be ‘set up or ‘opened’. You sign a contract with Expat Orbit and get started with building your remote team in India.

This is unlike opening liaison office which requires as many as 8 approvals and registrations from various Indian authorities.

Test The Water

The EOR model allows you to engage your remote Indian talent force in work beyond basic promotion and communication activities.

A liaison office, on the other hand, can’t perform commercial activities and earn an income in India

Unlimited Time Offer

A liaison office is a limited-time offer. It has a shelf life of 2-3 years which can be extended to another 2-3 years, that too after much effort and only in some cases.

Your contract with an EoR can last for as long as you want. Quickly and easily scale your workforce in India as and when needed!

Compliances? Goodbye And Good Riddance

To work with an EOR you only need to sign a contract. The EOR in turn hires and onboards your employees on its payroll.

Now, the EOR is responsible for adhering to India’s employment laws. Your only responsibility is to manage your remote Indian employees’ performance.

In stark contrast, a liaison office needs to maintain books of accounts, get them audited, obtain licenses and permits, report to the government every now and then(in forms 49C, FC 3, FC 4), and mange legal and administrative tasks related to employing people in India

Easy Pack-Up

In either case (whether you set up a liaison office or work with an EOR), if things go well, your natural progression will be to set up a legal entity in India.

But before that, the liaison office should be de-registered with all the authorities with which it was registered on its opening. This process can easily take up to 3-4 months.

In the case of EOR, however, you mutually terminate the contract – it’s a simple one sign process.

Pick The Right Plan For Your India Expansion Goals

Set up your remote team in India without any legal entity. Avoid unplanned spending. Ensure successful India expansion

EOR Basic

EOR Basic

EOR Plus



EOR Pro Max

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Seamlessly Enter Into The Great Indian Market

Don’t let the complexities of maintaining liaison office hold your business back. An Employer of Record lets you expand without the associated compliance, bureaucracy, and high costs.

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