Work From Anywhere

We help organisations identify preferred destinations based on synchronised analysis of taxation, immigration, social security, banking and repatriation regulations across geographies

Capitalize on the Increasing Trend of Work From Anywhere

Post pandemic, expats prefer flexibility in contracts to work from anywhere. Leading IT, BFSI, consulting companies have announced, long term Work From Anywhere intent. Many island nations and countries across US, UK, Europe, APAC are offering special remote working visas with relaxed regulations. Needless to say, health, safety and apt support in host country are priorities for expats to consider such relocation

But It Is Easier Said Than Done

While this new trend helps organisations achieve significantly lower overhead costs and attract the best talent globally, without the worry of relocating; it also poses various challenges that need to be taken head on

Need to balance employee flexibility and administrative complexity

Increased Compliance Complexity across the entire assignment cycle

Extended cross border remote working poses PE risk for home entity

Heightened emphasis required on ‘Duty of Care’ for expat and family

Payroll restructuring incorporating cost of living impact due to remote working

We Will Help Your Company Adopt the 'New Normal'

Our Global Mobility Experts are here to guide and assist your company to mitigate the regulatory, safety and settling in challenges posed by the new normal

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Optimised and updated secondment policies

Our advisory team will assist to put in place robust policies to guide through this unprecedented new normal

  • Review and optimise your international secondment policies to mitigate compliance impact and ensure governance 
  • Industry benchmarking and global best practice incorporation to  ensure maximum comfort for your organisation, expat employees and their families
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Holistic home and host compliance management

Let us handle all the complexity, so that you can reap maximum benefits 

  • Our experienced tax, immigration, and labor law experts along with global partners ensures holistic compliance at every remote destination
  • Constant monitoring of changing regulations to ensure that all compliances and legal risks are managed or mitigated
Ensuring safety and comfort around the globe

The excitement of nomadic life brings with itself the anxiety of feeling unsettled

  • We help your expats find a safe and comfortable home in their country of remote work
  • Our global network will guide and assist on required health insurance and safety arrangements
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Looking beyond compliance

The new normal has put heightened focus on ‘duty of care’. We will help you assure and enhance expat life experience for your global employees

  • Working remotely creates a virtual barrier. Our dedicated cultural and language workshops are designed to help your global employees work better together
  • Expat exclusive networking, events and mental health support to help your global employees and their families feel comfortable wherever they are

Let your employer know about how Expat Orbit can help them manage work from anywhere assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Remote or work from anywhere Assignments?

Remote assignments involve cross border movement of expats to work remotely from anywhere without any host entity or employer. 

What are the compliance exposure for the home entity?

For such assignments to be effective it is essential to review compliances and regulation for home entity in each overseas location

Which entity is regarded as employer in the host country?

In the absence of any host entity, home entity would be considered as employer

Can EOR arrangements be opted to manage remote employees?

Yes. For remote locations with high compliance exposure for the home entity, EOR arrangements may be considered 

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