Virtual Employment

Leverage the potential of highly qualified Indian professionals, without the hassles of onsite management

Give Your Business the Boost of Exceptional Indian Talent

Partner with us and deploy talented professionals to remotely manage your business processes or specific roles such as IT development, web and graphic designing, research, content development and many such similar roles


Deploy the Best Talent

Hire a diversified team with global experience, for processes and functions that can be remotely managed


Reduced Employment Cost

Zero cost of relocating employees. No need to budget cost of living or compensation differential between geographies


Avoid Immigration Hassles

Virtual employees operate remotely, thereby eliminating hassles of applying for travel visa and work permits


Eliminate Compliance Management

We manage everything from HR, payroll, PAYE, social security to labour law compliances for virtual employees

Hire Virtual Employees With Confidence

Based on your requirement, we employ professionals as local employees, manage all employer-related compliances, thus enabling huge cost saving and ensuring that you have extended best in class virtual employee support

Step 1 - We shortlist candidates matching your requirements

Depending on your business requirement, our HR professionals shortlist candidates matching the desired experience, qualifications, and skillset

Step 2 - Screening and Interview

Shortlisted profiles are shared with your HR spoc for further screening. Subsequently, interviews and assessments are scheduled and conducted to ensure recruitment of the best in class talent

Step 3 - Onboarding, documentation and compliance management

We employ the shortlisted candidates locally and execute all employer-related HR, payroll, tax withholding, social security, and other employment and labor law compliances

Step 4 - Comprehensive Infrastructure Support

We provide all support and infrastructure to the shortlisted candidates, so that they are able to fully concentrate on supporting you as your virtual employee

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Virtual Employment?

Virtual employment refers to engaging skilled and experienced professionals locally in the host country through a third party service provider. In simpler terms, it means executing a project by hiring local talent, which works virtually rather than relocate to the host country

What is the compliance exposure for the home entity?

There is no or minimal compliance for the home entity

Which entity is regarded as employer in the host country?

The service provider company manages all employer-related compliances

How are virtual employment different from EOR arrangements?

In case of virtual employment, professionals are identified and recruited locally by the service provider. The arrangement does not involve cross border movement of employees. While in case of EOR arrangements home country expats are seconded to a services provider entity in the host country to serve as Employer of Records during the assignment period. EOR involves actual cross border movement of home country expats to the host country.

How are virtual employment different from Remote or Work from anywhere assignments?

Virtual employment involve recruitment of professionals locally by a service provider while remote assignments involve cross border movement of expats to work remotely from anywhere without any host entity or employer

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