Global Mobility Advisory

Be it the challenges posed by the ‘new normal’ or day to day global mobility hassles, our experts will guide you on every issue for your organisation and your expats

Ensure Successful International Assignments

Our in-house experts in international taxation, immigration, labor law, social security and wide network of global partners and consultants will guide your organisation and your expats throughout

Expatriate Tax Advisory

Ensure adherence to cross border and domestic tax regulations, with our extensive expertise in secondment planning and compliance management
  • Analysing applicability and benefits under double taxation avoidance agreements
  • Impact of local laws and compensation best practices assessed to minimise the tax exposure for your expat employees

Social Security and Labor Law Advisory

Devise and implement well planned secondment structures, incorporating obligations under home and host social security regulations and benefits under Social Security Agreement, if any between host and home entity
  • Assistance in planning and managing home and host social security and labour law regulations
  • Advisory relating to analysing and availing benefits under social security agreements such as certificate of coverage, exportability and totalisation of benefits and social security withdrawal

Immigration Consulting

Global network of immigration consultants with deep rooted local expertise advise your organisation to stay compliant with immigration laws
  • Advisory on host specific immigration regulations, visa types, permits, approval process and required documentation for seamless allotment of visas to expats and accompanying families
  • Guidance across different stages of an international assignment be it initial application, renewal or exit permit

Mobility Pitfalls That We Can Help You Avoid

Factors such as home and host tax laws, residency rules and extended assignments may trigger global taxability

Due to varied payroll arrangements and assignments, organisations end up carrying out PAYE, social security compliances both at home and host locations

Extended business trips or unstructured assignments often results in socials security and employment laws non compliances at the host locations

Owing to ignorance of immigration regulations organization second employees on incorrect visa types, which can result in significant regulatory and reputational risk

Cost benefit assessment is essential for remote working or work from anywhere assignments. This would encompass ascertaining employee and corporate taxation, social security compliances, employment laws and immigration regulations applicable in the country where employee is physically present

Discover How To Mitigate These Challenges

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What makes you a part of the global mobility world?