Elevate Your Business Success - Hire Remote Talent From India

Build a remote team of developers, researchers, designers, and marketeers in India, and save upto 70% on payroll costs


of world’s software engineers are in India

Top 5

pool of researchers globally by 2030


largest English speaking population

Curious to learn more about the incredible potential of Indian talent?

India thrives on the energy of its young, diversely talented professionals. Backed by the Indian Government’s unwavering commitment to growth and development, and earning accolades from esteemed global bodies like the World Bank and IMF, India’s ascent is undeniable.

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Expert Driven, 100% Personalised Recruitment Support + End to End Remote Team Setup in India

Our Personalised Recruitment Process

Group 65


Talent Screening

Screening process meticulously matches candidates with job requirements, ensuring a seamless alignment between skills, experience, and the client’s needs.

Group 66


Interview With Experts

Candidates undergo a first-level interview conducted by seasoned domain experts from Expat Orbit’s team. This interview assesses technical adeptness for remote work and cultural fit, ensuring only the most qualified candidates proceed.

Group 67


Client Readiness

We present the shortlisted profiles to you, and schedule interviews with pre-vetted candidates, streamlining the hiring process.

Group 68


Selection & Negotiation

We handle candidate negotiations on behalf of the client, ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement. We also assist with the onboarding process.

Group 77


Expat Orbit Onboards

As part of our employer of record support, we onboard employees on your behalf and manage all employer related obligations and compliances, while you maintain 100% control

Unbelievable ROI!
Significant Cost Savings, Compared To All Major Economies

Top Talent Profiles Hired From India

Highly Skilled Developers

Highly Skilled Developers

Web Developers

PHP Developer

React/ React Native Developer

Hybrid Mobile App Developer

Python Developer

Data Scientist

IT Support Executive

Java and other Backend Devs

Professional Services & Research

Professional Services & Research

Tax Accountants

Payroll Specialists

Risk Analysts

Legal Associates & Researchers

Bookeeping Managers

Medical Researchers

Marketing & Design Professionals

Marketing & Design Professionals

Content Writer

Graphic Designer

SEO Analyst

UI/ UX Designer

Performance Marketeer

Virtual Assistant

Social Media Manager

Customer Support Executive

Global companies engage 120+ diverse profiles from India's exceptional talent pool



Enjoy enhanced cost and administrative advantage, with our Employer of Records support

Don’t stop at just hiring Indian talent. Deploy them to work remotely from India, for your overseas team – all without setting any legal entity in India


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