Expat Entrepreneur And Local Hire

Pursue your global aspirations with Expat Orbit as your support partner. Whether as expat entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent consultants or local hire in host country, we manage every compliance for you

Risks that Expat Entrepreneurs and Local Hires Run Into

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No unified support for compliances such as immigration, entity incorporation, accounting, and taxation

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Deprived of essential perks and support associated with internationals secondments​

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Pay substantially high fees to multiple isolated consultants

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Zero knowledge of cultural and logistical aspects

Expat Orbit Support System

With us by your side, you will have a friend with you at every step of this exciting, roller coaster ride of expat life


Holistic Compliance Management

Your time is precious. Focus all your energies in furthering your global career and let us manage the rest – be it immigration, company incorporation, host or home country taxation, social security, finding the perfect team for your new business or corporate compliances.


Comfortable Settling In Support

Feeling lost in the foreign land? We are here to help you settle in comfortably. We leverage our local expertise and empathetic understanding of expat sensibilities to support you in your house hunting, relocation, school search for your kids, getting acquainted with your new city or even to manage your daily commute


Language and Cultural Workshops

Feeling like the odd one? Get to know your new country and feel more comfortable with fellow people through expat exclusive language and cultural workshops, expat events and likeminded community

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Expat Orbit also support in managing my home compliances?

Yes. Expat Orbit can support in holistic management of home and host compliances

In terms of logistical support, what challenges do expat entrepreneurs and local hires face?

Expat entrepreneurs and local hires are generally deprived of perks associated with an international assignment like housing, transport, family and kids support, cultural and language orientation programs. Expat Orbit’s one stop solution caters to all such needs.

Can Expat Orbit also support me in representation before the regulatory or tax authorities?

Yes, as a part of compliance support, Expat Orbit regularly supports clients in tax assessments or in representation before relevant authorities 

How is Expat Orbit cost effective?

Being single point of contact, Expat Orbit with the support of its tech enabled platform and diverse team eliminates redundancies and multiple vendor coordination and thus reduces the costs significantly

Is there retainership plan which covers all compliances, logistical and cultural support?

Depending on specific requirements, Expat Orbit offers a customised retainer plan that covers support on all fronts for expat entrepreneurs and local hires

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