Expat Compliances

Outsource analysis, execution and management of any and every compliance related to your expats’ international assignments

Manage Your Global Mobility Practice With Us

25+ years of Global Mobility experience across nationalities

Global network of consultants and partners across domains

Cross domain understanding for end to end execution

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Focused Global Mobility Advisory

Be it the challenges posed by the ‘new normal’ or day to day global mobility hassles, our experts are here to not just advise, but help you resolve every issue for your organisation, your expat employees and their accompanying families

International Assignment Planning

Strong foundation is key to a successful assignment. We leverage our 25+ years of global mobility expertise to structure your expat employees’ overseas assignments with robust policies, processes, agreements and documentation.

End to End Expat Compliance Management

Consider us your extended team to manage all international assignment related compliances. Our immigration, taxation, social security, labor law and global mobility experts across geographies will ensure complete adherence, cost optimisation and regular MIS reporting for seamless management

Business Expansion into India

Whether you represent an organisation planning its global expansion into India, or an expat with entrepreneurial ambitions to set up your venture in India; our experts will guide you on the appropriate mode of entry, documentation, compliances and enable a comfortable ecosystem for your growth

Alternate Global Expansion Structures

Global Mobility has seen a paradigm shift from the conventional approach over the last few years. Consult our advisors to explore if your organisation’s global mobility program can benefit from these extremely cost efficient and resilient alternate approaches

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