Employer Of Records Support In Nigeria For Leading Infrastructure Company

Expat Orbit devised and implemented a suitable employer of records (EOR) structure to assist the client company in urgently deploying its engineers and experts in Nigeria, even though the company had no local legal entity in Nigeria

Expat Orbit offered a widened EOR solution at home and host location, encompassing not just documentation, immigration, host employment, and payroll but also covered support in areas such as counselling, cultural adjustment, housing, taxation, and insurance cover for the expatriate employees

Employment in the host country
Insurance coverage
Visas and work permits
Host and home payroll
Host and home taxation
Cultural adjustment and counselling for employees

Client Challenge

The client had been awarded a two-year service contract at a power project overseas, which mandated immediate deployment of specialist and experienced personnel from India. Being a new territory, the client had no local entity in the host country and as part of overall arrangement, it was essential to remunerate the expats locally, manage applicable immigration, payroll, and taxation compliances in the host and home country

As an eminent feature of most secondments, this project was pressed on budgets, thus any structuring around overseas secondment, along with being compliant had to be cost effective

Key Challenges
Immediate overseas deployment
No Sponsor for employee’s host visa
Employer and Corporate compliance exposure in host country
No Local entity in the host country
Employers require special quota / permit to hire foreign nationals in the host country
Split payroll and tax compliances in home and host country was essential

Being new geography, logistical and empathetic support for expats was also of paramount importance. It was imperative to handhold expats in identifying safe accommodation, commuting support, and combating cultural adjustment issues

Our Solution

We carved out an Employer Of Record secondment model which along with being compliant ensured accurate execution of compliances at the home and host location and most importantly eliminated the hassles and costs associated with incorporating a host entity

Host Employment
We offered local employment to expats with our host entity having requisite local registrations and expatriate quota, ensuring immediate issuance of visas and time-bound deployment of employees overseas
Secondment Letters and Policies
Drafting and executing secondment contracts, letters, policies, and documents required to put in place the proposed structure
Registrations, logistics and cultural adjustments
Supported expats with initial registrations, opening bank accounts, arranging accommodations, commuting support and most importantly appointing managers to support in navigating cultural adjustments
Employer Compliances
Managing all employer related immigration, social security, PAYE, payroll and other applicable compliances at the host location
Expat Compliances
Assistance in filing home and host tax returns for expat employees thus ensuring consistency in tax positions and adherence to statutory obligations

Expat Orbit helped us deploy Indian professionals overseas leveraging the EOR model. Despite the urgent nature of the project, the team managed all documentation, approvals, licenses, visas, employment and monthly payroll thereby ensuring full compliance with the local authorities. Our expats were also supported with accommodation counselling and local insurance. Our experience with Expat Orbit has been seamless and saved us a lot of time. This is the best solution available for companies looking to scale operations globally.

Assistance Vice President, HR


Expat Orbit Advantage

At Expat Orbit, we treat our client's work as our own, and ensure highest standards of quality and pro-activeness.

Since this was a highly time sensitive project, our team ensured that initial onboarding and associated activities were completed in less than two weeks. This included issuance of visas in India, on arrival immigration registration, onboarding, setting up home and host payroll, opening local bank accounts along with support in identifying suitable accommodation and insurance plan for the expat employees.

Our Holistic Support To The Client

For comprehensive execution and support, our team also provided these other services to the client

Employer Of Records
International Compliance Management
International Assignment Planning
Global Mobility Advisory

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