Employer Of Records

Second employees to execute overseas projects or explore new geographies for business expansion, without getting into the hassles of setting up an entity and managing associated costs, compliances, and risks

Are These Challenges Hindering Your Company's Global Expansion?

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No legal entity in host country

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Unawareness of host compliances and regulations

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Lack of local support for expats in the host country

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Corporate tax exposure for the home entity

We Will Be Your Company's Global Partners

We serve as employers of records for your employees

With all host specific registrations, approvals, licenses, and quotas to employ expatriates, our International Compliance Team and Partner Network manage all host compliances and serve as Employer of Records for your employees at the host location

We manage the entire assignment cycle

Our support is holistic and is not just restricted to host compliances. We manage the entire spectrum, covering documentation, employment contracts, inter-company agreements, visa applications, arrival registrations, PAYE, Social Security, tax returns and host centric logistical support for expats

Minimize your host compliances and risks

Our setup is rooted in strong compliance fundamentals powered by our local expertise and global network. It enables us to step comfortably into the employer’s shoes, minimising compliances, legal obligations, and permanent establishment exposure for home entity overseas

Humungous saving in compliance cost and time

For short term projects in countries with stringent regulations, it may not always be prudent to setup a host entity, carryout compliances, and support employees in an unexplored territory. We relieve you from all associated costs and hassles

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Employer of Record Assignments (EOR)?

To execute overseas projects or establish ventures in new geographies it is essential for organisations to deploy experienced professionals. The absence of legal entity or subsidiary to second employees and continuous presence of home entity executives could trigger potential compliance exposures in the host country. Employment laws
and corporate tax exposure being the prominent one.

In order to minimise such risks for the home entity, expats are generally seconded to a third party service provider that has required local registrations, approvals, licences and quotas to engage expats in the host country

How can EOR arrangements help?

In addition to mitigating compliance and legal exposure in the host entity, EOR arrangements also eliminate the need for home entity to establish an entity in the host country, recruit local staff and manage compliances particularly in a situation wherein the project is for a short duration

For EOR arrangements, which entity is regarded as employer in the host country?

Service provider entity serves as employer of record (EOR) at the host location. EOR assumes all employer related obligations such as payroll, PAYE, tax returns, visa sponsorship, insurance, social security and labour law compliances 

Why are EOR arrangements regarded as cost efficient?

EOR arrangements eliminate home entity’s costs associated with setting up legal entity in the host country, leasing local office, recruiting local staff, carrying out associated compliances and most importantly the risks and costs associated with non-compliances with local laws

Does EOR support only in compliance management?

Along with compliance management, Expat Orbit's EOR also supports in housing, transport, insurance coverage, children education, support in navigating through cultural and language barriers

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